Strengthen Your Brand and Design Themes

Design your menu to reflect your ideas and business. Build themes that tell your customer who you are. Create new themes for special occasions and seasons to keep your customers engaged. Learn How

Streamline Your Ordering

Take orders directly from your tablet menu and integrate your menu with your POS and kitchen printer to streamline your ordering process! Follow your orders through the control panel for the easiest way of order management.

Collect Feedback From Your Customers

Collect instant and effective feedback from your customers in seconds. Keep track of customer behaviour, identify what works and improve what's missing.

Create a Data-Driven Menu For Your Business

The only thing every single customer in your restaurant sees is your menu. It’s the best tool to collect insights from your customers. The Finedine Menu app follows customer actions as they browse through your menu. The Dashboard gives you an analysis of the most and least viewed items, daily sales, revenue share across categories, average ticket size and much more! Keep track of what your customers are doing on your menu and take action to increase sales.

Work on Multiple Menus

Create as many menus as you like to capture the opportunities of diversity and seasons. Turn your menus on and off when you want and show what you want to show.

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Show Multi-Language Menu

Serve all your international customers with a single menu. Increase customer satisfaction and credibility by displaying your menu in 24 different languages that Finedine Menu supports.

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Display Detailed Information

Just the name of a dish is never enough to tell all the details and effort a chef puts into it. The item details of Finedine Menu allows you to display photos or videos, write descriptions and prices for all the items in your menu. There is also prep time information, calories and ingredient warnings for allergens so that you can inform your customers better. These details make your tablet menu more informative and improve overall customer experience.

  1. Photos and Videos
  2. Multiple Prices and Currency
  3. Ingredient Warnings
  4. Detailed Descriptions
  5. Calories
  6. Preparation Time
  • Photos and Videos

    Display your mouthwatering dishes with beautiful pictures and videos! Make your customers go crazy over your presentations.

  • Multiple Prices and Currency

    Utilize different pricing methods for your dishes to increase sales and satisfy all customers. Give your dishes multiple prices based on portion sizes, plates and toppings!

  • Ingredient Warnings

    Enrich your tablet menu with allergen warnings and ingredients of your dishes to inform your customers better. Serve your customers with special preferences.

  • Detailed Descriptions

    Show detailed descriptions in your tablet menu and tell the story of your dishes to your customers.

  • Calories

    Show the calories of your dishes on your tablet menu to get on the health train.

  • Preparation Time

    Display the preparation time of the dishes on your tablet menu to inform customers better. Don't leave your customers waiting and improve customer experience.

Increase Revenue

Boost sales with Cross-Selling, generate more profit with advertisements, let your customers increase your brand awareness.


Display campaigns/ads in your tablet menu to promote your own dishes and special offers or advertise other businesses for additional revenue. Learn How

Cross Sell

Say "Our cajun fries goes great with that burger!" with your tablet menu. Show your recommendations and offers to increase sales and improve customer lifetime value. Learn How

Social Share

Let your customers advertise your dishes. Utilize social share to make the most of "word of mouth" and the power of social media.

Cloud-based Web

The easy to use control panel stores all your data in the cloud, ready to access anytime, anywhere. There is no limit to the number of menus and items!

Simple Navigation Mobile App

Finedine tablet menu is designed to display all your dishes in the most flattering, clean way. The menu app is very simple for your customers to follow.

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